Ghazal Ke Saaz Uthao – Talat Mahmood

Singer :  Talat Mahmood
Lyrics : Firaq Gorakhpuri

Ghazal ka saaz uthao badi udaas hai raat
Nawa-e-veer sunao badi udaas hai raat

Kahen na tumse to fir aur kisse jaake kahen
Siyaah-julf ke saayo badi udaas hai raat

Suna hai pehle bhi aise mein bujh gaye hain charaag
Dilon ki khair manaao badi udaas hai raat

Diye raho tum yuhin kuch der aur haath mein haath
Abhi na paas se jaao badi udaas hai raat

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